Jul 31 2009

The Aina

 Hawai’i: The Fake State is for sale at Amazon.com as a Kindle version.

For more information about this book tune in to this informative video featuring Leon Siu and Ehu Cardwell:

Jul 29 2009

“Ruling is an attempt to force Akaka support”

“Ruling is an attempt to force Akaka support:” I receive alot of supportive emails. A few mention that they have read what I wrote and they agree with me. Thank you for your emails.

This is from August 7, 2005 — nearly four years ago:

Ruling is an attempt to force Akaka support

Aug. 2 was a very sad day for Hawaiians and for all Americans. When the mostly white judges of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Kamehameha Schools’ admissions policy of Hawaiians-only is unconstitutional, it threatened all of us. It’s a threat to this nation’s racial and ethnic diversity and to all of our civil rights.

Kamehameha Schools is similar to schools for native American Indians. This ruling will turn Kamehameha Schools into another Dartmouth College, which was founded in 1769 by Reverend Eleazar Wheelock to educate Native Americans. Now it’s a school primarily for the white and for the wealthy. Locally, schools like St. Andrews Priory may be affected when a parent decides that s/he wants her/his son to attend the all-female school or when a parent decides that s/he wants her/his daughter to play on the all-guy football team. Yes, ultimately this ruling may affect you.

It’s obvious to me that this ruling is an attempt to strong-arm Hawaiians to support the Akaka Bill so that we are “protected.” Upon statehood, representatives of the U.S. government agreed to protect Hawaiians. It’s obvious that they are not, and if they lie to Hawaiians, chances are they will do it to you, too. One day the government may strip or try to strip some of your, your children’s and/or your grandchildrens’ rights, too.

Also look at all of those people who are using this as a license to hate. Don’t hate. It only teaches our children, Hawaiian and non-Hawaiian, to hate.


Lana Ululani Robbins
New Port Richey, Fla. and Hilo, Hawaii
Ironically below my letter is a letter from Senator Akaka.
Ironic isn’t it? 🙂
Jul 28 2009

Stop the Akaka Bill

I created another site: Stop the Akaka Bill.

No comments are allowed there either since some people refuse to act like gentlemen and discuss  issues. They resort to discussing the person instead of discussing the topic. Very typical of argumentum ad hominem.

They resort to immaturity and personal attacks so comments are still not allowed.


Jul 26 2009

Jonathan Osorio PhD

When I was a little girl I listened to Jon Osorio and Randy Borden singing “Hawaiian Eyes” (1977):

As of about 1996 he has had a PhD and has taught at the University of Hawai’i Kamakakuokalani Center for Hawaiian Studies

More “impressive” to me is that he is the President of Kāko`o `ÅŒiwi:


I find it ironic that he sang “Hawaiian Eyes” only to be some Hawaiian eyes that is watching the watchers.

Kudos to Dr. Osorio (PhD.) We need more people like him to watch the watchers.

Jul 26 2009

How Lana Ululani Robbins Exposed Ken Conklin’s Inaccuracy

In March 2006 I caught Ken Conklin in a lie. His inaccurate assertion was that the Hawaiian word “ohana” is a modern invention. That is not so. “Ohana” was used in Hawaiian newspapers as early as in 1834. Ken Conklin incorrectly stated that it was invented in 1950.

From Paul Arrighi:

“Ken Conklin posted a commentary on an article saying that “ohana” was a recent creation and when Lana provided proof that ohana has been in use for well over 120 years, Conklin’s response is a lame, maybe the person who wrote the article did not have access to this information. A honest assessment would be to admit that the article was wrong but Conklin because of his prejudice or whatever reason is unable to bring himself to say this.”

A little background:

This is what Ken Conklin wrote about the Hawaiian word “ohana.” Note that he amended it but he does not reflect the fact that I, Lana, pointed it out to him that “Ohana” has been in Hawaiian language papers as early as 1834 which proves that “ohana” is NOT a modern invention as he inaccurately claims on his website here inaccurately asserting that the Hawaiian word “ohana” was created in about 1950 when it was not:


I showed that the Hawaiian word “ohana” is shown being used as early as in 1834 NOT in 1950 which Ken Conklin tries to deceptively lead people to believe:


Though I am not the only Hawaiian nor the first Hawaiian who is aware of this… my name is credited with this discovery here:


In it the editor states:

“Editor’s note

Lana Ululani Robbins found references to the word “ohana” in old olelo newspapers online, circa 1831 and forward. It is quite possible that the information she uncovered was not available to the original writer of the article referenced below.”

Again… the Hawaiian word “ohana” is clearly seen in a Hawaiian newspaper dated as early as in 1834 which is clearly NOT a modern invention as Conklin inaccurately and deceptively claims.

The writers could have easily checked out this information. Especially Kenneth Conklin who supposedly has a PhD in the Philosophy of Education yet he failed to do thorough research. Instead he published it and has been caught trying to deceive people.

It is clear that Conklin deceives.

And he calls us Hawaiians stupid?

Malama to all,

Lana Ululani Robbins

P.S. Comments are still restricted since some people fail to discuss issues and instead immaturely engage in argumentum ad hominem and end up personally attacking others. It never fails. However it would be refreshing if some people would be mature when it comes to discussions 🙂

Jul 24 2009

Kau Inoa Exposed

It is easy for me to see what some are trying to do. However Hawaiians and their legal heirs have never consented to transfer their title. They also did not sign.

What the Kau Inoa tries to do is set up a trust relationship in order for them to try to transfer our title without our consent. That is not right.

Watch Ehu Cardwell:

Jul 24 2009

The Akaka Bill: Hawaiians Do NOT Want It

Senator Daniel Akaka does not post a direct link to the Akaka Bill on his website. Instead he posts press releases boasting about it when it is not something to boast about.

There is something inherently troubling when he posts his interpretation of the bill without a direct hyperlink to the information and how he posts basically bragging and boasting that it’s a great thing without posting the actual link to the information. As expected Senator Akaka does not explain how to find it or even where to find it which seems shady to me.

Here they are:

Go here: http://thomas.loc.gov/home/c111query.html

Choose “111th Congress” then enter “Native” Hawaiian but without the quotation marks 😉

Look for H.R.1711 and S.1011.

It’s that easy. However it seems a bit shady that he does not post a link to the actual bill.

Lana Ululani Robbins

Jul 24 2009

Say No to the Akaka Bill

In today’s “news” paper John Yaukey of the Honolulu Advertiser wrote an article titled, ”

House committee postpones key vote on Akaka bill.”

Note that not once have there been open, public hearings where Hawaiians can speak and voice their opinion.

Senator Akaka’s spokesman, Jesse Broder, allegedly stated, “We’re all just trying to make sure everyone is coordinated and on the same page before we go forward.”

Everyone??? Excuse me.They have EXCLUDED Hawaiians from DUE PROCESS for Day One.

Yaukey posits, “If passed, the legislation could reshape the political landscape in Hawaii. It would give Native Hawaiians virtually the same rights conferred on Native Americans and Alaskans, and greater control over their highly valuable ancestral lands.”

Actually though I am not surprised with the local press coverage in Hawai’i which is biased, unfair, and often inaccurate, the true goal of the Akaka Bill is to set up a trust relationship with Hawaiians in order to try to transfer held by Hawaiians and their legal heirs without their consent. That is hewa.

Hawaiians whom I know do not want it.

Hopefully senators, representatives, and/or their aides will find this page.

Please do NOT consider it. We do NOT want it.

Notice too how some people are inaccurately claiming that it is racial apartheid. Apartheid is excluding a specific group of people. However most Hawaiians are of MIXED ethnicities including but not limited to Caucasian so NO ONE ethnicity is being excluded. On the other hand and more importantly when one discusses Hawaiians it is not only ethnicity. It can also nationality as in “citizen of Ko Hawai’i Pae Aina” or “the Hawaiian Kingdom.” Meanwhile these ignorant, racist people are ranting about racial apartheid yet most Hawaiians are of mixed ethnicities and Hawaiians have their nation called Ko Hawai’i Pae Aina yet these ignorant, racist people somehow feel compelled to yell when they are only exposing their ignorant, racist attacks directed to Hawaiians — singling out and targeting Hawaiians based on their national origin (i.e. Ko Hawai’i Pae Aina.)

Thus I hope that some senators read this and stand up to do the right thing for Hawaiians.

Say No to the Akaka Bill.

Lana Ululani Robbins

P.S. I have still left comments off because some of these ignorant, racist people have stopped by at this blog four years ago to leave ignorant, racist comments. Instead of discussing issues with maturity they resort to racist attacks that single out and target Hawaiians based on their national origin.

Jul 23 2009

Tane Inciong

Tane Inciong is featured in Free Hawai’i TV’s latest video. At about 12:31 he makes a great point about how great computers are and at about 13:07 about how people may interpret information differently. Kudos to him for his mana’ o and for being visible because when he is visible… so are our kupuna.