Feb 24 2010

Video of Akaka Bill Panel Debate on Maui – February 16, 2010

Video of Akaka Bill Panel Debate on Maui – February 16, 2010

Kaleikoa Kaeo responds to Jade Danner of the Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement’s (CNHA) who disrespects Queen Liliuokalani’s legacy in a perverted and distasteful manner in an attempt to justify CNHA/OHA/SCHHA’s advocacy of the Akaka Bill:

Footage from about 2:30 to 4:10 about the Akaka Bill is potent.

* Video courtesy of Foster Ampong

Feb 22 2010

Hawaii TV Blog’s Video Footage of the Supposed Annexation of Hawai’i

Hawaii TV Blog’s Video Footage of the Supposed Annexation of Hawai’i

Watch Kaleo Farias’ Hawai’i TV‘s live coverage of those who attended and participated in “Honoring their Kupuna” by acknowledging the “Ku’e Petition” that was done from 1897-1898. It was because of this “Petition Drive” that our kupuna did that stuffed and defeated any attempts made to “Annex Hawai’i” legally.

Video Blog #84: Honoring Kupuna Reveals That The Treaty Of Annexation Is A Lie – (Part 3) – from Kaleo Farias III on Vimeo.

Feb 16 2010

Picture of Hawaii

Picture of Hawaii

There was no treaty of annexation. This picture was taken on February 15, 2010 at another peaceful protect at the statue of McKinley infront of McKinley High School in Honolulu Hawai’i:

Picture of Hawaii

Picture of McKinley Statue in Honolulu Hawaii Photo Courtesy of Mark Swearingen

Check out Kaleo Farias’ coverage at Hawaii TV Blog.

One of the purposes of the ”demonstration” was to “honor those who resisted to be annexed to the United States by signing the Ku’e Anti-Annexation Petition in 1897 & 1898.”

The other reason for the “demonstration” was also to expose how the United States has been lying about how they acquired Hawai’i by a “treaty of annexation” for over 112 years now. There was no treaty of annexation.

It’s refreshing to see that people advocate truth… instead of perpetuating lies.

What does that say about the values that are instilled in children?
I prefer that they be taught the truth and to be honest instead of perpetuating lies.

Watch KITV’s coverage here

* Photo credit: Mark Swearingen

“When Hawaiians are visible… so are our kupuna.”

* Hawaiians/oiwi and Hawaiian citizens/non-oiwi *

Feb 14 2010

On Jonathan Osorio PhD

On Jonathan Osorio PhD

I have even more respect for Dr. Jonathan Osorio. PBS’ panel was far from fair and balanced. Three out of the four panelists were for the Akaka Bill? Talk about unfair and UNbalanced.

I must state that Dr. Osorio is amazing! He is the only one out of the four that I agree with:

Jonathan Osorio PhD on the Akaka Bill

Jonathan Osorio PhD on the Akaka Bill

Though some underestimate and/or insult their intelligence, watchers/overseers of the land (maka ainana) already know this:

Unfortunately the Native Hawaiian Bar Association supports the Akaka Bill:


Fortunately Dr. Osorio does not.

Watch Dr. Jonathan Osorio speak on “Insights” on PBS Hawaii that was shown on February 4, 2010 here:


Props to Jonathan Osorio PhD and to people like him for advocating that we do the right thing for Hawaiians.

E malama pono everyone.

Feb 14 2010

Latest on Joseph Brescia and the Kaua’i Ni’ihau Island Burial Council

It is unfortunate that things have become extremely heated. Joseph Brescia corporate president and chairman to the Board of Directors at Architectural Glass & Aluminum Co., Inc. (AGA), has done so much good only to be overshadowed with his home that is built on sacred land.

By the way everywhere is sacred land to someone. It would have helped greatly if this was handled better by the “state” of Hawai’i which should have enforced its rules. Perhaps Mr. Brescia should have included a negotiator so as not to insult the iwi kupuna and the kupuna. Iwi kupuna as well as living kupuna deserve dignity and respect. I am sure that others would not want someone to build on their loved ones’ resting place.

Left to the people on the Kaua’i/Ni’ihau Island Burial Council to decide, they decided to reject Brescia’s burial treatment plan:

“After hearing nearly four hours of emotional testimony, the
Kaua’i/Ni’ihau Island Burial Council on Thursday unanimously rejected
the 16th draft of the burial treatment plan for Naue landowner Joseph
Brescia’s controversial single-family home.”


The names of these members of the Kaua’i/Ni’ihau Island Burial Council are:

Chair: Clisson Kunane Aipolani (06/30/10)
Vice-Chair: Keith Yap (06/30/12)

Dee M. Crowell (06/30/10)
James W. Fujita (Interim – 06/60/10)
Michael Loo (06/30/12)
Debra U. Ruiz (Interim – 06/30/10)
Sandra P. Quinsaat (06/30/12)
Leiana P. Robinson (06/30/11)
and Barbara J. Say (06/30/11)

Council members’ names can be seen here: http://hawaii.gov/dlnr/hpd/councils.htm

From their website:

“All Council members are appointed by the Governor of Hawai`i and confirmed by the Senate for a four year term. Expiration dates for council members are shown in parentheses following their names. No council member may serve more than two consecutive terms. All meetings by the council are open to the public. Any person may submit oral or written testimony to the council regarding a matter under consideration, provided that applicants first submit a written request to the department to be placed on the council meeting agenda.”

Their agenda can be seen here:


E malama pono to everyone.