Nov 05 2013

Hawai’i SB1 has a Trojan Horse Harmful to Hawaiian Children

Hawai’i SB1 has a Trojan Horse Harmful to Hawaiian Children

The House of Representatives Judiciary and Finance committee passed SB 1 today. They managed to slip in a Trojan Horse that is harmful to Hawaiian children.

It’s on page 5 of 18 pages:

Section 572C :

“Rights of parents: Parental rights, benefits, protections and responsibilities based on marriage shall be the same for all married couples regardless of the gender of the spouses. These rights, benefits, protections, and responsbilities shall include paternity, maternity, and parentage presumptions based on marriage.”

Seen here:

In other words non-Hawaiian children will steal what does not belong to them.

I am pro gay marriage myself but I do not support SB1 and submitted written testimony opposing it.



Nov 05 2013

RIP Kollin Keali’i Elderts

RIP Kollin Keali’i Elderts
Today November 5th is a triple whammy for me. It is my husband’s birthday and the day my paternal grandmother was buried.

It is also the day my cousin Keali’i Elderts lost his life.

It is the day Obama’s Trigger Man Christopher Deedy shot and killed my cousin right in his CHEST WITHOUT DUE PROCESS OF LAW. RIP.

His life matters. My apologies to his ‘ohana in advance but he is not forgotten.

He will never be forgotten.

You will never be forgotten.