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Aug 25 2013

Barack Obama and Brian Schatz are Hewa

Barack Obama and Brian Schatz are Hewa

Once again the Democrat Regime in Hawai’i which has controlled the House and Senate in Hawai’i since 1962 thus have made all of the laws for the last 51 years which have systematically caused the genocide of the Hawaiian people are at it again.

Stop the Akaka Bill

Obama and Schatz Stealing from Hawaiians

We Hawaiians do NOT want the Akaka Bill.

We Hawaiians did NOT write it.

We Hawaiians had NO SAY in this matter.

Unfortunately once again the Democrat Regime in Hawai’i is now trying to bypass the U.S. Constitution and have Obama sign the Akaka Bill into law per an Executive Order.

Newflash: WE are already recognized by our kupuna. We do not want or NEED American government to do so.

The sole purpose of the Akaka Bill is to reorganize the lands thus titles and royal patents of Hawaiians and their legal heirs.

Once we lose our land… we lose our roots!

WE vehemently protest this theft of Hawaiian lands by Obama, Schatz, and the rest of the Democrat Regime in Hawai’i.

Feb 24 2010

Video of Akaka Bill Panel Debate on Maui – February 16, 2010

Video of Akaka Bill Panel Debate on Maui – February 16, 2010

Kaleikoa Kaeo responds to Jade Danner of the Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement’s (CNHA) who disrespects Queen Liliuokalani’s legacy in a perverted and distasteful manner in an attempt to justify CNHA/OHA/SCHHA’s advocacy of the Akaka Bill:

Footage from about 2:30 to 4:10 about the Akaka Bill is potent.

* Video courtesy of Foster Ampong

Feb 14 2010

On Jonathan Osorio PhD

On Jonathan Osorio PhD

I have even more respect for Dr. Jonathan Osorio. PBS’ panel was far from fair and balanced. Three out of the four panelists were for the Akaka Bill? Talk about unfair and UNbalanced.

I must state that Dr. Osorio is amazing! He is the only one out of the four that I agree with:

Jonathan Osorio PhD on the Akaka Bill

Jonathan Osorio PhD on the Akaka Bill

Though some underestimate and/or insult their intelligence, watchers/overseers of the land (maka ainana) already know this:

Unfortunately the Native Hawaiian Bar Association supports the Akaka Bill:

Fortunately Dr. Osorio does not.

Watch Dr. Jonathan Osorio speak on “Insights” on PBS Hawaii that was shown on February 4, 2010 here:

Props to Jonathan Osorio PhD and to people like him for advocating that we do the right thing for Hawaiians.

E malama pono everyone.

Dec 18 2009

Akaka Bill Sneak Attack by Senator Daniel Inouye

Akaka Bill Sneak Attack by Senator Daniel Inouye

It Was The Sneak This Week That Inouye Schemed To Employ to Put The Akaka Bill Into Other Legislation But Someone Let The Plan Spill.

People Took To The Streets Fast To Make Sure It Didn’t Pass:

Video Courtesy of Ehu Cardwell of the Kaoni Foundation Free Hawai’i TV

Dec 14 2009

Akaka Bill: Stop the Akaka Bill

Akaka Bill: Stop the Akaka Bill

Akaka Bill Sneak Attack

Akaka Bill Sneak Attack

Senator Dan Inouye and Senator Dan Akaka attempted to sneak the Akaka bill into major US federal funding legislation in the senate this coming week.

If they are successful, the Akaka bill will pass and become law.

Chairman of the Senate Appropriations committee is Daniel Inouye, who is spearheading this attempt at back room dealing.

Anger and outrage are mounting quickly in Hawai`i and beyond at the lack of transparency and manipulation of the system.

Some people who care for the welfare and future of Hawai`i and its people expressed their opposition to this underhanded ploy with a peaceful protest on Monday, December 14, 2009. This peaceful protest was sponsored by The Koani Foundation, Hawaiian Independence Action Alliance & Ka Lei Maile Ali`i Hawaiian Civic Club.

Whether you’re Hawaiian or not, whether you live in Hawai`i or not you can help make a difference by making your voice heard.

Jul 24 2009

The Akaka Bill: Hawaiians Do NOT Want It

Senator Daniel Akaka does not post a direct link to the Akaka Bill on his website. Instead he posts press releases boasting about it when it is not something to boast about.

There is something inherently troubling when he posts his interpretation of the bill without a direct hyperlink to the information and how he posts basically bragging and boasting that it’s a great thing without posting the actual link to the information. As expected Senator Akaka does not explain how to find it or even where to find it which seems shady to me.

Here they are:

Go here:

Choose “111th Congress” then enter “Native” Hawaiian but without the quotation marks 😉

Look for H.R.1711 and S.1011.

It’s that easy. However it seems a bit shady that he does not post a link to the actual bill.

Lana Ululani Robbins