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Aug 28 2013

Pushing Back Against Obama, the Native Hawaiian Roll Commission, and the Democrat Regime in Hawai’i

Pushing Back Against Obama, the Native Hawaiian Roll Commission, and the Democrat Regime in Hawai’i



Once against Obama and the rest of the Democrat Regime in Hawai’i are trying to exert force on Hawaiians and usurp the U.S. Constitution and the Hawaiian Kingdom Constitution. Well I am happy to report that the people are pushing back.

It is truly amazing to see so many people placing their name (Hawaiian and non-Hawaiian alike) which includes me.

They need at least 100,000 signatures. This is in written form and on record that we the people vehemently oppose this hewa.

The petition reads:


We petition the Obama Administration to:

Not Bypass Congress by Signing an Executive Order for Federal Recognition of Native Hawaiian.

The Kana’iolowalu Roll Commission thwarts the legal context and spirit of self-determination. We are not tribal, nor of tribes. Attempting to transform our Hawaiian identity is an unconstitutional, race-based action; a clear breach and violation of our perfect right denying our due process under law.

We, the Kanaka Maoli, have been misrepresented through materially false, fictitious, and fraudulent statements implemented through the use of false writings/documents. We oppose federal recognition of our people and reject Kana’iolowalu.

We ask that you respect the U.S. Constitution and comply with international laws, Laws of Nations and the U.N. Declaration you signed in 2010 based on the right to self-determination and self-governance


See it here:

Feel free to add your name to it too.

To sign the PETITION you will be prompted to create a user name/account to log in. This only takes a couple minutes but it is worth it.

We have to move fast.

We can do this.


Nov 05 2012

Kollin Keali’i Elderts and Christopher Deedy: No Media in Hawai’i Mentions Obama’s Trigger Man’s Killing of a Hawaiian Without Due Process of Law

No Media in Hawai’i Mentions Obama’s Trigger Man’s Killing of a Hawaiian Without Due Process of Law

Today is November 5, 2012 and not one news outlet in Hawai’i so much as mentioned the name of Kollin Keali’i Elderts today.

Do people remember him? He was someone’s son.

Obama’s trigger man Christopher Deedy shot him right in his chest without due process of law on November 5, 2011. Ironically Deedy gets due process of law… but Elderts does not.

They say he was using drugs. Drugs do not make a person “less than.” There is NO excuse for shooting someone in the chest without due process of law!

I am related to the Kanuhas who are my cousins who are his cousins so this is very personal.

This is in memory of Kollin Keali’i Elderts and others like him.

He was someone’s son. RIP.

Dec 11 2011

Is it possible to misappropriate hula? Of course…

Reposting Steven Espaniola’s diatribe at his Tumblr which is a very important one considering some people may not have noticed this blatant sign of disrespect… but he did:



Screen cap Photo Credit: Steven Espaniola. Used for educational purposes only.

Screen cap Photo Credit: Steven Espaniola. Used for educational purposes only.


There was a point in history (decades actually) when hula was banned by the occupying Missionaries and it was not until the accomplishments of our last great King David Kalākaua, that hula was revived and restored to it’s rightful status.

The irony in all of this is that we’ve come full circle with ads like this one doing the same sort of damage, perpetuating the same type message that the early Missionaries preached which was that hula was a bad and shameful thing. It most certainly is NOT!

We need to put an immediate stop to these types of ads the moment we notice them so that we can educate the masses about the importance of hula and our culture. If you are reading this and share my thoughts, please take a moment to send Travelocity your feedback by clicking on the link below:

Travelocity Feedback:

BART Complaint Line: 510-464-7134

Steven Espaniola

May 26 2010

Help to Heal Wai’anae Hawai’i

Help to Heal Wai’anae Hawai’i


Ka Makani Kaiaulu o Wai‘anae

A Summer Youth Environmental Justice Training Institute

Aloha Kakou.

We are now accepting applications for Ka Makani Kaiaulu o Wai’anae 2010

We are Ka Makani Kaiaulu o Wai’anae. We are learning how to promote environmental justice in Wai’anae.

We know there is a problem – environmental racism.

We swim and play in these waters. We eat food from the land and sea here. We all have family members who are sick with asthma or cancer.

We want environmental justice.

  1. Stop or reduce all harmful impacts, not just the streams, but the sources of contamination: landfills, military and industry.
  2. We want the clean up of all the contaminated sites.
  3. We demand a healthy environment for our community.

A healthy environment is a human right!

Ka Makani Kaiaulu o Wai’anae is a summer youth environmental justice organizing training institute for youth from the Wai’anae coast to learn cenvironmental justice and ommunity organizing skills.

The program is geared to youth (age 15 – 19) from Wai’anae who care about the health and well being of their families, communities and the ‘aina. Applicants must be committed to learning community empowerment
skills and using those new skills to help their community and the
environment become healthier.

We will learn about issues affecting the Wai’anae community, social justice movements in Hawai’i and around the world, the basics of making positive social change, and digital story telling as a mediumfor shaping the vision and plan for the future of our community.

The Ka Makani Kaiaulu o Wai’anae Institute runs four weeks – June 21 through July 16, 2009, weekdays from 9am to 2pm.

Most activities will take place at the Leeward Community College Wai’anae office (86-088 Farrington Hwy, Suite 201, Wai‘anae, HI 96792 Phone: 696-6378). The class will take field trips to help students better understand the issues affecting Hawai’i and the depth and scope of doing this work.

Why should you join other students this summer in this life changing experience? Wai’anae is under attack. It is an assault against the community and against the ‘aina, with military bombs and toxic chemicals, contaminated landfills, water pollution, chemical weapons, destruction of cultural sites, rising costs of living and growing numbers of houseless families. The Ka Makani Kaiaulu o Wai’anae Institute will give the selected candidates a way to learn skills for making grassroots community change and a forum to present their ideas on how to improve conditions for peace and justice and environmental sustainability.

Program eligibility

  • Must be between the ages of 15-19.
  • Must be self-motivated and able to work well in a team towards a common goal.
  • Must have the desire to protect the environment and the health and well being of the Wai’anae community.

Participants who successfully complete the program will receive a $200 stipend.

Program Sponsor

AFSC is a non-profit international human rights organization focusing on peace and social justice. We have worked in Hawai’i since 1941 and have been active in the Wai’anae community since the 1970s. We
promote human rights and justice for Native Hawaiians, non-military career alternatives for youth and the restoration and clean up of lands that have been damaged by the military, such as Kaho’olawe and Makua.

American Friends Service Committee – Hawai’i Area Program
Attn: Kyle Kajihiro
Ka Makani Kaiaulu o Wai’anae
2426 O’ahu Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96822

Fax: 808-988-4876


Mahalo to the Ka Papa o Kakuhihewa Fund of the Hawaii Community Foundation, the Hawaii Peoples Fund and the Kim Coco Iwamoto Fund for Social Justice for their generous support of AFSC’s youth programs.

Mar 18 2010

Justice for Hawaiians: Mauna Kea

Justice for Hawaiians: Mauna Kea

Reposted from Kahea: The Hawaiian-Environmental Alliance

For 40 years, the people of Hawai’i have shared Mauna Kea with the international astronomy community–on the promise of proper stewardship of the fragile summit ecosystems and sacred sites. This promise remains unfulfilled. Astronomy has prospered, while natural and cultural resources have been irreplaceably lost, descecrated and destroyed.

Three Easy Things You Can Do Today!
1. Talk to legislators
Tell legislators to support Resolutions SR118, SCR227, HR226, & HCR311, which call for an audit to assess fair market rent on Mauna Kea.  Click here to send written testimony and learn more. Show up for the hearing
to give your testimony in person:

Leg Hearing on March 19
Friday at 10:30am
State Capitol RM 325

2. Mark Your Calendar for Upcoming BLNR Meeting
Next week, the BLNR will be considering approval of yet another set of UH plans for Mauna Kea, again paving the way for more development, the largest expansion of industrial land use on the summit in over a decade–the TMT.

BLNR Hearing in Hilo
Thursday, March 25 at 9:30AM
Imiloa Astronomy Center

3. Tell a Friend!
Forward this email to family and friends — and people you know!

Make your voice heard!

  • The value of UH-owned patents derived from technology developed on the summit was conservatively estimated to be worth $14 million back in 2001.
  • In 2008, a single night of viewing time at one observatory was valued at $80,000.
  • A 2005 NASA environmental impact statement (EIS) confirmed that the impacts of the telescope industry on the cultural and natural resources of Mauna Kea have been “substantial, adverse and significant.”
  • The Hawaii State Auditor has found that UH management of summit resources “focused primarily on the development of Mauna Kea and tied the benefits gained to its research program,” and that its focus on telescope development has been “at the expense of neglecting the site’s natural resources.”
  • For this use of public trust land, the people of Hawaii receive $1/year from some of the wealthiest countries, corporations and institutions on the planet.

For over a decade, advocates for Mauna Kea have sought:
1) No further expansion of the industrial footprint within Mauna Kea’s fragile conservation district,  and no further desecration of sacred sites and loss of natural resources on the summit:  including protection of ancestral burials and family ahu, Hawai’i islands principle water aquifer, unique habitat and endemic species, and preservation of public access.

2) Payment of Fair Rent. The law requires fair market rent be paid for use of public trust lands like Mauna Kea, to be put into Hawaii’s general fund for the betterment of all the people of Hawaii. The existing $1/year sweetheart deal is accelerating development, impoverishing conservation efforts, at the cost of critical public benefit programs like public education.

3) Community-based management of the public trust lands of Mauna Kea. Mauna Kea is a vast community resource. To date, the state has allowed the primary developers of the mountain to also drive management decisions. Instead, it is the community and the public who should lead decision-making for the future of these public trust lands.

This month is a busy one for all who aloha Mauna Kea. Today, there are three easy things that you can do (listed on the left) to make this vision for the future possible for Mauna Kea and Hawai’i nei. Please participate and help us together raise the standard of aloha today!

Mahalo nui,
Marti Townsend and the rest of
Us Guys at KAHEA: The Hawaiian-Environmental Alliance

1149 Bethel St., #415
Honolulu, HI 96813

phone: 808-524-8220
toll-free: 877-585-2432

Feb 16 2010

Picture of Hawaii

Picture of Hawaii

There was no treaty of annexation. This picture was taken on February 15, 2010 at another peaceful protect at the statue of McKinley infront of McKinley High School in Honolulu Hawai’i:

Picture of Hawaii

Picture of McKinley Statue in Honolulu Hawaii Photo Courtesy of Mark Swearingen

Check out Kaleo Farias’ coverage at Hawaii TV Blog.

One of the purposes of the ”demonstration” was to “honor those who resisted to be annexed to the United States by signing the Ku’e Anti-Annexation Petition in 1897 & 1898.”

The other reason for the “demonstration” was also to expose how the United States has been lying about how they acquired Hawai’i by a “treaty of annexation” for over 112 years now. There was no treaty of annexation.

It’s refreshing to see that people advocate truth… instead of perpetuating lies.

What does that say about the values that are instilled in children?
I prefer that they be taught the truth and to be honest instead of perpetuating lies.

Watch KITV’s coverage here

* Photo credit: Mark Swearingen

“When Hawaiians are visible… so are our kupuna.”

* Hawaiians/oiwi and Hawaiian citizens/non-oiwi *