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Aug 13 2009

Hawaiians – Posted by Lana Ululani Robbins

Hawaiians – Posted by Lana Ululani Robbins

KA LA HO’IHO’I EA: SOVEREIGNTY RESTORATION DAY. July 26, 2009  at Thomas Square. Featuring Vicky Takamine’s halau.

Courtesy of Pono Kealoha:

Aug 07 2009

Akaka Bill: Jere Krischel’s Ignorance and Contradictions Posted on the Internet For the World to See

Akaka Bill: Jere Krischel’s Ignorance and Contradictions Posted on the Internet for the World to See

Some people post some ignorant statements about Hawaiians. This time it’s Jere Krischel in the Hawai’i Reporter on August 6, 2009. This is a screen capture of it:

Posted by Jere Krischel

Posted by Jere Krischel

Seen at

Jere Krischel states in part:

“The most atrocious gloss, however, is the complete lack of mention of the multi-racial nature of the Kingdom of Hawaii, from its very inception. Kamehameha, along with a multi-racial coalition including his British son-in-law John Young, forged a unified Hawaiian Islands. The first constitution of the Kingdom of Hawaii in 1840 declared all people “of one blood”. By the time the 1893 Hawaiian Revolution ended the monarchy, Hawaii was more than half non-native Hawaiian, and for the past over 100 years of association with the United States, has been a veritable case study in how multi-racial communities live and work together under a unified identity.”

Then soon after contradicts himself:

“Hawaii is a place, not a race, and separating our people simply by bloodline is a violation of our civil rights, and a slap in the face to our kupuna whose wisdom helped create a society where all people were treated equally.”

Except Ko Hawai’i Pae Aina is a nation and its people are of a different nationality than Americans. In English we call it “Hawaiian.” Of course he tries to libel our kupuna by implying that Hawaiians who protect and defend their nation are treating others unequally. However the Hawaiian Kingdom is an inclusive nation. Its people are evidence of this with people of mixed ethnicities.

“He Hawaii au; he mau Hawaii kakou a pau. I am Hawaiian; we are all Hawaiians.”

In this part ignorance is evident. When someone says “He Hawai’i au” in Hawaiian they mean that they are Hawaiian as in “oiwi.” I find it amusing that he does not speak the Hawaiian language yet uses the Hawaiian language to co-opt the Hawaiian language in order to claim to be Hawaiian except it is illogical.

He does not recognize the Hawaiian people as being unique with a significantly different culture, tradition, and language yet he turns around and basically claims to be Hawaiian LOL

“Grassroot Institute member Jere Krischel is a volunteer historian and civil rights activist who has been discussing and studying the Akaka Bill and its historical basis online and in print since 2004. Born and raised in Hawaii, he attended Punahou and later graduated from the University of Southern California.”

In the footnote he claims to be a historian and a civil rights activist yet a historian would at least be somewhat accurate about history while a civil rights activist would fight for civil rights. However he is fighting to violate the civil rights of Hawaiians.

Here is a close up of the ignorant statements:

Posted by Jere Krischel

Posted by Jere Krischel

Seen here.

Of course as usual Jere Krischel and people like him resort to argumentatum ad hominem. Instead of discussing the issues they retort with personal attacks which of course shows weaknesses in their argument.

As a matter of fact one can see some of Jere Krischel‘s responses on April 2, 2006 here. In comment #17 this is what he stated about Queen Liliuokalani. Keep in mind that she was held prisoner by some men with emphasis mine in bold:

“Who cares if she felt intimidated? Her perception does not make for international law reality. If she had genuinely felt that she was being threatened by a nation with no military presence, let’s say Samoa, would that mean that it was a fact that Samoa was acting in a threatening manner?

Just because she felt threatened, does not mean that the U.S. peacekeepers were acting in a threatening manner.

And her surrender was an unqualified one. Her symbolic protest was a scheme concocted by her lawyer Neumann, in an effort to repeat the history that happened with the british.”

This is also where Jere Krischel contradicts himself when he states, “He Hawaii au.” Hawaiians love their queen. However Jere Krischel shows a disdain for her.

I think it’s great how some people like Jere Krischel can exercise their right to freedom of expression without government intervention, turn around and try to violate the rights of Hawaiians, AND contradict himself in the process.

What better place to do it?  On the Internet… for the world to see.


Lana Ululani Robbins

Aug 06 2009

Hawaiians: Disrespect to Hawaiians Exposed – Posted by Lana Ululani Robbins

Hawaiians: Disrespect to Hawaiians Exposed

The Honolulu Starbulletin recently printed an article that alleges that the National Park Service is investigating the state Historic Preservation Division, which has been under harsh criticism in recent years for its handling of ancient remains and historic sites.

Thomas Dye who is a member and former president of the Society for Hawaiian Archaeology was quoted as saying that he has encountered many problems with the division, part of the Department of Land and Natural Resources, over the past six years.

He was also quoted as saying that the agency has had problems such as lost reports, high staff turnover and an inability to maintain an inventory of historic sites.

To me  Honolulu Starbulletin is notorious for being unfair and biased so it’s difficult to tell if this article is accurate but problematic is how a politician like U.S. Rep. Neil Abercrombie is mentioned. The article makes it seem as though he is the “good” guy while the others are the “bad” guys. Typical “good guy versus bad guy” marketing.

However where were they when this was happening with   Hawaiian burials and Hawaiians’ ancestral bones?



Lana Ululani Robbins

Aug 06 2009

Akaka Bill: Opposed by Many Hawaiians and non-Hawaiians – Posted by Lana Ululani Robbins

Akaka Bill: Opposed by Many Hawaiians and non-Hawaiians

While OHA Trustee Haunani Apoliona condones and supports the Akaka Bill

many Hawaiians and non-Hawaiians do not.

In fact a digital petition against the Akaka Bill is growing. There are now 301 digital signatures opposing the Akaka Bill:

Of course this is a small sampling of those Hawaiians and non-Hawaiians who I know who vehemently oppose the Akaka Bill.

While Apoliona is entitled to her opinion, it seems as though she is not listening to the will of the Hawaiian people. (This includes those who support the Hawaiian people.)

However if you are against the Akaka Bill feel free to join us and sign it digitally.

If you want to know where my digital signature is… it is at #68 where I explicitly state:

“I vehemently OPPOSE the Akaka Bill aka the Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act which is REALLY the Native Hawaiian LAND Reorganization Act. Hawaiians and their legal heirs have not and do not agree to transfer our title to anyone and/or to any government entity set up as a trust in order to transfer our title without our consent.

This is a public notice.

Signed, Lana Ululani Robbins”

If you would like to place your name to show that you do NOT support the Akaka Bill then feel free to place your name on the Stop the Akaka Bill digital petition.


Lana Ululani Robbins

Aug 06 2009

Akaka Bill: Letter of Opposition to the Akaka Bill by Tane Inciong

It is important to see written testimony that vehemently OPPOSES the Akaka Bill aka the Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act.

In this statement Tane Inciong OPPOSES the Akaka Bill as most Hawaiians whom I know oppose the Akaka Bill too. I am reposting this here:

Tane Inciong. Photo credit: Pono Kealoha.

Tane Inciong. Photo credit: Pono Kealoha.

“As a native Hawaiian who has not been represented by the Senators who are trying to pass the Akaka Bill, (S.1011,) my immediate family and I urge you to vote NO to that insidious bill.

When the bill was first proposed, a hearing was held in Honolulu and the testimony was overwhelming against it for a variety of reasons. Because of that, hearings on the neighbor islands were cancelled.

We want to ratify or reject that bill before it is taken to your committee.

Our voices have been purposely shunned by these snollygosters who prefer to dictate to us rather than represent us. These small interest elites are an abhorence to the democratic system and might be in it for personal pecuniary interests rather than defend the concerns of those most affected by it.

There are issues to be resolved even before considering the actions they are proposing. We vehemently reject this bill and conditions it wants to set up for us. Our concerns, circumstances, the situation that confronts it, need to be addressed first.

There are legal international rammifications that must be settled and abided by; such as violations of the laws of occupation, neutrality, and the lack of a lawful treaty of annexation/cession which the US is unable to present. The multi-ethnic Hawaii nationals overwhelmingly voted against cession to the USA in 1897 and we support their choice.

We love our country as much as the US Americans love theirs.

There is a political and moral thing to do and that is vote NO on S.1011.”

Pearl City, O`ahu

He made an excellent point when he stated, “We love our country as much as the US Americans love theirs.”

Sometimes this is lost while some people want to hear themselves speak and want to exercise their right to freedom of speech then turn around and try to inhibit other people like Hawaiians from doing so.


Lana Ululani Robbins

Aug 05 2009

Hawaiians Wait Years for Justice in the Courts Posted by Lana Ululani Robbins

Hawaiians Wait Years for Justice in the Courts Posted by Lana Ululani Robbins

On September 30, 1999, the Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation submitted the statutorily required notice of rejection of legislative action on behalf of some plaintiffs.

In 2006 the First Circuit Court decided in favor of Leona Kalima, Dianne Boner, Raynette Nalami Ah Chong, et al:

“plaintiffs are entitled to pursue their claims under HRS chapter 674; (2) reverse the circuit court’s determination that Act 14 is a settlement agreement and that the plaintiffs have a right to sue under HRS chapter 661; and (3) remand this case to the circuit court for further proceedings consistent with this opinion. With respect to the circuit court’s order denying the State defendants’ motion for judgment on the pleadings, we neither affirm nor vacate the order because, as discussed in section III.D. above, we are unable to definitively render a decision with respect to the remaining counts or claims represented by such counts.”

Recently on August 4, 2009 beneficiaries of the Hawaiian Homes Act of 1920 began their case against the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands in state Circuit Court.

On August 5, 2009 two of these beneficiaries who said they had been treated unfairly by the agency testified.

The class-action suit brought by Leona Kalima, Dianne Boner and Raynette Ah Chong on behalf of more than 2,700 DHHL beneficiaries accuses the state of failing to meet its trust obligations to Native Hawaiians by not offering homestead properties for lease to them in an efficient and prompt manner.

Problematic are

1. The local press in Hawai’i seem to collude with the “state” of Hawai’i to try to make it seem as though Hawaiians are somehow “wrong” to fight for their property rights. There is nothing wrong with fighting for one’s property.

2. Unfortunately some people do not understand title so they mistakenly accuses Hawaiians of being “leeches who want freebies.” However that is not true. Though some people want to try to make it seem as though Hawaiians do not have property rights, Hawaiians and their legal heirs never consented and never signed to transfer their title to anyone or to any entity. However some people do not understand that which results in some of the comments that we read and/or see.

Fortunately judges like Chief Justice Moon seem to be fair and unbiased despite some people try to slander and/or libel Hawaiians. It amazes me how some things come out in political issues… such as land issues. It brings out the best and the worst in people.

Ironically Chief Justice Moon was appointed to the Hawaii State Judiciary as a circuit court judge by former Governor George Ariyoshi. Former Governor John Waihee then promoted him to the office of Associate Justice of the Hawaii State Supreme Court in 1990. In 1993, he was once again promoted to become chief justice.

IMHO he is one of the best things about Hawai’i. It would be easier to buckle under pressure from politicians some of whom want to separate Hawaiians and their legal heirs from their title so that their investment portfolio can increase. Fortunately Chief Justice Moon seems fair and unbiased which is rare in Hawai’i.

IMHO we need more people like him in this world 🙂

Lana Ululani Robbins

Aug 02 2009

Hawaiians – by Lana Ululani Robbins

Hawaiians: As usual some people continue to assault some Hawaiians whether online or offline. This time it’s at Dr. Kehaulani Watson (PhD/JD)’s personal blog:

The hypocrisy and racism directed to Hawaiians based on their national origin does not surprise me.

Fortunately the vast majority of non-Hawaiians whom I know understand us and for that I am grateful 🙂

In my experience these few who insult Hawaiians and their national pride then turn around and hypocritically expect others to respect them and/or their national pride are in the minority.

Mahalo to everyone both Hawaiian and non-Hawaiian who have contacted me in support. It’s wonderful that despite these few who want to do Hawaiians wrong… it is amazing how many people believe in doing the right thing for Hawaiians. Mahalo to you all 🙂

~ Lana Ululani Robbins

Aug 01 2009

James Akahi Nui

James Akahi Nui was found guilty of the lesser offense — a criminal violation punishable by no more than a $1,000 fine.

James Akahi Nui quoted by the biased press in Hawai’i:

Akahi believes he is the rightful heir to the throne vacated by Queen Lili’uokalani in 1893 and led a group of six supporters who broke into the palace the evening of Aug. 15, 2008, planning to place Akahi briefly on the palace throne.


Ironically some representatives of the United States are the trespassers. As a proud American and Hawaiian… I find that amusing.

Problematic is how some people try to dehumanize someone for their beliefs which is weaved in his nationality. In this case some people tried to make a criminal out of him when he has a right to the throne. Debateable intra-Hawaiian nationally but he is of ali’i bloodlline so has a right to the throne yet some people are quick to imply that he is a clown.

The only clowns are those who do not see the beauty in the right to freedom of expression without government intervention.

There is irony.

Jul 31 2009

The Aina

 Hawai’i: The Fake State is for sale at as a Kindle version.

For more information about this book tune in to this informative video featuring Leon Siu and Ehu Cardwell:

Jul 29 2009

“Ruling is an attempt to force Akaka support”

“Ruling is an attempt to force Akaka support:” I receive alot of supportive emails. A few mention that they have read what I wrote and they agree with me. Thank you for your emails.

This is from August 7, 2005 — nearly four years ago:

Ruling is an attempt to force Akaka support

Aug. 2 was a very sad day for Hawaiians and for all Americans. When the mostly white judges of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Kamehameha Schools’ admissions policy of Hawaiians-only is unconstitutional, it threatened all of us. It’s a threat to this nation’s racial and ethnic diversity and to all of our civil rights.

Kamehameha Schools is similar to schools for native American Indians. This ruling will turn Kamehameha Schools into another Dartmouth College, which was founded in 1769 by Reverend Eleazar Wheelock to educate Native Americans. Now it’s a school primarily for the white and for the wealthy. Locally, schools like St. Andrews Priory may be affected when a parent decides that s/he wants her/his son to attend the all-female school or when a parent decides that s/he wants her/his daughter to play on the all-guy football team. Yes, ultimately this ruling may affect you.

It’s obvious to me that this ruling is an attempt to strong-arm Hawaiians to support the Akaka Bill so that we are “protected.” Upon statehood, representatives of the U.S. government agreed to protect Hawaiians. It’s obvious that they are not, and if they lie to Hawaiians, chances are they will do it to you, too. One day the government may strip or try to strip some of your, your children’s and/or your grandchildrens’ rights, too.

Also look at all of those people who are using this as a license to hate. Don’t hate. It only teaches our children, Hawaiian and non-Hawaiian, to hate.


Lana Ululani Robbins
New Port Richey, Fla. and Hilo, Hawaii
Ironically below my letter is a letter from Senator Akaka.
Ironic isn’t it? 🙂