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Apr 03 2012

Governor Neil Abercrombie Disses Hawaiians Again

Governor Neil Abercrombie Disses Hawaiians Again

This is not the first time Neil Abercrombie has done something disrespectful to Hawaiians. On Day One, Abercrombie took his oath at the  David Kalākaua Coronation Pavilion which was built for Kalākaua’s coronation.

When Abercrombie took his oath there it was very disrespectful to Hawaiians when he purported to be ali’i too:



Lately in March 29, 2012 infront of some members at the Kona-Kohala Chamber of Commerce, Neil Abercrombie complained of a delay in work on the Queen Ka’ahumanu Highway.


Abercrombie called Hawaiians “self-designating” and accused us of using native cultural practices we “discovered six minutes ago” to achieve standing.

Abercrombie wants them thrown out of court.

This article by Erin Miller in the West Hawai’i Today can be seen here: