Aug 02 2009

Hawaiians – by Lana Ululani Robbins

Hawaiians: As usual some people continue to assault some Hawaiians whether online or offline. This time it’s at Dr. Kehaulani Watson (PhD/JD)’s personal blog:

The hypocrisy and racism directed to Hawaiians based on their national origin does not surprise me.

Fortunately the vast majority of non-Hawaiians whom I know understand us and for that I am grateful 🙂

In my experience these few who insult Hawaiians and their national pride then turn around and hypocritically expect others to respect them and/or their national pride are in the minority.

Mahalo to everyone both Hawaiian and non-Hawaiian who have contacted me in support. It’s wonderful that despite these few who want to do Hawaiians wrong… it is amazing how many people believe in doing the right thing for Hawaiians. Mahalo to you all 🙂

~ Lana Ululani Robbins