Jan 21 2010

This is how they still treat some Hawaiian women in Hawai’i

This is how they still treat some Hawaiian women in Hawai’i

Look at this law enforcement officer try to intimidate and harass this oiwi woman who happens to be the mother of one of my former classmates at Kamehameha Schools. She is holding up a picture of Pele.

Look at this picture and look at how he is looking at her and how he is standing infront of an oiwi woman who gathered peacefully. Aue:

This is how some law enforcement officers treat some Hawaiian women Photo courtesy of Pono Kealoha

Ironically she has a master’s degree. The other oiwi/Hawaiian woman in the center of this picture with her head facing the camera also has a master’s degree.
These oiwi/Hawaiian are NOT violent people yet this law enforcement official is treating them as though they are. No there is NO excuse to treat non-violent oiwi/Hawaiian THIS way. Then again it only shows who is violent against oiwi/Hawaiian women.

A picture is worth a 1000 words.

Thanks to the power of the Internet others throughout the world can see it too.

One of my best friends is a law enforcement official and he does not disrespect Hawaiian women this way.