Aug 09 2013

Kanaiolowalu is a Scam

Kanaiolowalu is a Scam

I am happy to report that what we have been doing is working.  We are successful in getting the word out that Kanaiolowalu is a scam.

Someone who does not use his or her real name has created a blog for personal attacks. Instead of being brave and standing by their name, they resort to hiding behind a pseudonym to personally attack Dr. Kehaulani Watson, Keali’i Makekau, and myself.

Ironically all three of us (Dr. Kehaulani Watson, Keali’i Makekau, and I) are ali’i. We have a responsibility to do our part to take care of our cousins 🙂


Do NOT sign the Native Hawaiian Roll



If people write about me do not leave out my inoa kupuna. ‘O wau ‘o Ululani.

In any case this is great news!

Obviously it bothers some people that most Hawaiians still REFUSE to sign the “Native Hawaiian Roll.”

It means that what we have been doing is bothering those who want to force us to sign. They nag, nag, nag us. Maha’oi!  We want to be left alone.


A huge Mahalo for REFUSING to sign!

Your kupuna thank you 🙂


Native Hawaiian Roll

Native Hawaiian Roll