Feb 13 2013

Kanaiolowalu is Hewa

Kanaiolowalu is Hewa

Kanaiolowalu is hewa. Even in its name. As pointed out by Mr. Adam Keaweokaʻī Kīnaʻu in his Blog Spot named “Hawaiian Historian:”

“To begin with, whoever decided on the name made an unfortunate choice. It is true as the Commissioner said that “Kanai Olowalu” means a simultaneous wave and could mean something akin to well spring of support. But Ka Na’i Olowalu was a name given to American sea captain, Simon Metcalfe. In this case, Ka Na’i Olowalu meant something like “The Conqueror of Olowalu” or figuratively “The Butcher of Olowalu”.

You see, back in 1790, Captain Metcalfe massacred the village of Olowalu on Maui for a misunderstanding regarding some stolen items and his son. This incident lead to Kamehameha the Great attacking the ship of Simon Metcalfe’s son, The Fair American. Kamehameha massacred the crew except for Isaac Davis who was spared because he was not American. From that point on, Kamehameha began to look at Americans as dishonorable and became predisposed to the English. It is another possible reason why the Union Jack still flies on our Hawaiian flag. So having an association with the Olowalu massacre even by accident in a name might not be such a great idea especially for those who know their Hawaiian history.

Seen at http://hawaiianhistorian.blogspot.com/2012/07/opinion-native-hawaiian-rolls-commission.html


Queen Lili'uokalani Would Not Sign Up with Kanaiolowalu. Neither should YOU.

Queen Lili’uokalani Would Not Sign Up with Kanaiolowalu. Neither should YOU.