Aug 06 2009

Akaka Bill: Letter of Opposition to the Akaka Bill by Tane Inciong

It is important to see written testimony that vehemently OPPOSES the Akaka Bill aka the Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act.

In this statement Tane Inciong OPPOSES the Akaka Bill as most Hawaiians whom I know oppose the Akaka Bill too. I am reposting this here:

Tane Inciong. Photo credit: Pono Kealoha.

Tane Inciong. Photo credit: Pono Kealoha.

“As a native Hawaiian who has not been represented by the Senators who are trying to pass the Akaka Bill, (S.1011,) my immediate family and I urge you to vote NO to that insidious bill.

When the bill was first proposed, a hearing was held in Honolulu and the testimony was overwhelming against it for a variety of reasons. Because of that, hearings on the neighbor islands were cancelled.

We want to ratify or reject that bill before it is taken to your committee.

Our voices have been purposely shunned by these snollygosters who prefer to dictate to us rather than represent us. These small interest elites are an abhorence to the democratic system and might be in it for personal pecuniary interests rather than defend the concerns of those most affected by it.

There are issues to be resolved even before considering the actions they are proposing. We vehemently reject this bill and conditions it wants to set up for us. Our concerns, circumstances, the situation that confronts it, need to be addressed first.

There are legal international rammifications that must be settled and abided by; such as violations of the laws of occupation, neutrality, and the lack of a lawful treaty of annexation/cession which the US is unable to present. The multi-ethnic Hawaii nationals overwhelmingly voted against cession to the USA in 1897 and we support their choice.

We love our country as much as the US Americans love theirs.

There is a political and moral thing to do and that is vote NO on S.1011.”

Pearl City, O`ahu

He made an excellent point when he stated, “We love our country as much as the US Americans love theirs.”

Sometimes this is lost while some people want to hear themselves speak and want to exercise their right to freedom of speech then turn around and try to inhibit other people like Hawaiians from doing so.


Lana Ululani Robbins