Jul 26 2009

How Lana Ululani Robbins Exposed Ken Conklin’s Inaccuracy

In March 2006 I caught Ken Conklin in a lie. His inaccurate assertion was that the Hawaiian word “ohana” is a modern invention. That is not so. “Ohana” was used in Hawaiian newspapers as early as in 1834. Ken Conklin incorrectly stated that it was invented in 1950.

From Paul Arrighi:

“Ken Conklin posted a commentary on an article saying that “ohana” was a recent creation and when Lana provided proof that ohana has been in use for well over 120 years, Conklin’s response is a lame, maybe the person who wrote the article did not have access to this information. A honest assessment would be to admit that the article was wrong but Conklin because of his prejudice or whatever reason is unable to bring himself to say this.”

A little background:

This is what Ken Conklin wrote about the Hawaiian word “ohana.” Note that he amended it but he does not reflect the fact that I, Lana, pointed it out to him that “Ohana” has been in Hawaiian language papers as early as 1834 which proves that “ohana” is NOT a modern invention as he inaccurately claims on his website here inaccurately asserting that the Hawaiian word “ohana” was created in about 1950 when it was not:


I showed that the Hawaiian word “ohana” is shown being used as early as in 1834 NOT in 1950 which Ken Conklin tries to deceptively lead people to believe:


Though I am not the only Hawaiian nor the first Hawaiian who is aware of this… my name is credited with this discovery here:


In it the editor states:

“Editor’s note

Lana Ululani Robbins found references to the word “ohana” in old olelo newspapers online, circa 1831 and forward. It is quite possible that the information she uncovered was not available to the original writer of the article referenced below.”

Again… the Hawaiian word “ohana” is clearly seen in a Hawaiian newspaper dated as early as in 1834 which is clearly NOT a modern invention as Conklin inaccurately and deceptively claims.

The writers could have easily checked out this information. Especially Kenneth Conklin who supposedly has a PhD in the Philosophy of Education yet he failed to do thorough research. Instead he published it and has been caught trying to deceive people.

It is clear that Conklin deceives.

And he calls us Hawaiians stupid?

Malama to all,

Lana Ululani Robbins

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