Jul 29 2009

“Ruling is an attempt to force Akaka support”

“Ruling is an attempt to force Akaka support:” I receive alot of supportive emails. A few mention that they have read what I wrote and they agree with me. Thank you for your emails.

This is from August 7, 2005 — nearly four years ago:

Ruling is an attempt to force Akaka support

Aug. 2 was a very sad day for Hawaiians and for all Americans. When the mostly white judges of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Kamehameha Schools’ admissions policy of Hawaiians-only is unconstitutional, it threatened all of us. It’s a threat to this nation’s racial and ethnic diversity and to all of our civil rights.

Kamehameha Schools is similar to schools for native American Indians. This ruling will turn Kamehameha Schools into another Dartmouth College, which was founded in 1769 by Reverend Eleazar Wheelock to educate Native Americans. Now it’s a school primarily for the white and for the wealthy. Locally, schools like St. Andrews Priory may be affected when a parent decides that s/he wants her/his son to attend the all-female school or when a parent decides that s/he wants her/his daughter to play on the all-guy football team. Yes, ultimately this ruling may affect you.

It’s obvious to me that this ruling is an attempt to strong-arm Hawaiians to support the Akaka Bill so that we are “protected.” Upon statehood, representatives of the U.S. government agreed to protect Hawaiians. It’s obvious that they are not, and if they lie to Hawaiians, chances are they will do it to you, too. One day the government may strip or try to strip some of your, your children’s and/or your grandchildrens’ rights, too.

Also look at all of those people who are using this as a license to hate. Don’t hate. It only teaches our children, Hawaiian and non-Hawaiian, to hate.


Lana Ululani Robbins
New Port Richey, Fla. and Hilo, Hawaii
Ironically below my letter is a letter from Senator Akaka.
Ironic isn’t it? 🙂