Jul 24 2009

Say No to the Akaka Bill

In today’s “news” paper John Yaukey of the Honolulu Advertiser wrote an article titled, ”

House committee postpones key vote on Akaka bill.”

Note that not once have there been open, public hearings where Hawaiians can speak and voice their opinion.

Senator Akaka’s spokesman, Jesse Broder, allegedly stated, “We’re all just trying to make sure everyone is coordinated and on the same page before we go forward.”

Everyone??? Excuse me.They have EXCLUDED Hawaiians from DUE PROCESS for Day One.

Yaukey posits, “If passed, the legislation could reshape the political landscape in Hawaii. It would give Native Hawaiians virtually the same rights conferred on Native Americans and Alaskans, and greater control over their highly valuable ancestral lands.”

Actually though I am not surprised with the local press coverage in Hawai’i which is biased, unfair, and often inaccurate, the true goal of the Akaka Bill is to set up a trust relationship with Hawaiians in order to try to transfer held by Hawaiians and their legal heirs without their consent. That is hewa.

Hawaiians whom I know do not want it.

Hopefully senators, representatives, and/or their aides will find this page.

Please do NOT consider it. We do NOT want it.

Notice too how some people are inaccurately claiming that it is racial apartheid. Apartheid is excluding a specific group of people. However most Hawaiians are of MIXED ethnicities including but not limited to Caucasian so NO ONE ethnicity is being excluded. On the other hand and more importantly when one discusses Hawaiians it is not only ethnicity. It can also nationality as in “citizen of Ko Hawai’i Pae Aina” or “the Hawaiian Kingdom.” Meanwhile these ignorant, racist people are ranting about racial apartheid yet most Hawaiians are of mixed ethnicities and Hawaiians have their nation called Ko Hawai’i Pae Aina yet these ignorant, racist people somehow feel compelled to yell when they are only exposing their ignorant, racist attacks directed to Hawaiians — singling out and targeting Hawaiians based on their national origin (i.e. Ko Hawai’i Pae Aina.)

Thus I hope that some senators read this and stand up to do the right thing for Hawaiians.

Say No to the Akaka Bill.

Lana Ululani Robbins

P.S. I have still left comments off because some of these ignorant, racist people have stopped by at this blog four years ago to leave ignorant, racist comments. Instead of discussing issues with maturity they resort to racist attacks that single out and target Hawaiians based on their national origin.