Nov 14 2009

More Living Hawaiian Treasures: Foster Ampong and Tane Inciong

More Living Hawaiian Treasures: Foster Ampong and Tane Inciong

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Being a living Hawaiian treasure is not mutually exclusive to being on O’ahu. Case in point: Foster Ampong from Maui and Tane Inciong on O’ahu.

I try to post as many pictures as possible for this reason.

When Hawaiians are visible so is the Hawaiian Kingdom: 

Foster Ampong and Tane Inciong

Foster Ampong and Tane Inciong. Photo courtesy of Pono Kealoha.

Oct 21 2009

Maui News: Foster Ampong

Maui News: Foster Ampong

In the Maui News another good letter (albeit a censored one) written by Foster Ampong appeared on October 18, 2009:


The writer’s opinions in “1993 apology resolution is false” (Letters, Oct. 10) regarding Hawaii’s history are unfounded. The comments seek only to blur from public view their true intent to defend and perpetuate the status quo.

The Akaka Bill says you have to first be a U.S. citizen to “qualify” as a “Native Hawaiian”; then you must have 50 percent or more Hawaiian blood and be a descendant of the original inhabitants of the Hawaiian Islands, who lived prior to 1778, to “qualify” as a “Native Hawaiian.” If you have 49 percent or less Hawaiian blood and cannot trace your Hawaiian genealogy before 1778 you are not “Native Hawaiian.”

If the Akaka Bill passes into law or not, the attacks on Hawaiians will not go away. I strongly believe it will intensify like what we’ve seen on the national scene since President Obama took office.But what is disturbing is should the bill pass we will see more of the rich getting richer by making the poor pay for it all.

Foster Ampong


Seen at

Oct 18 2009

Tane Inciong, Terri Keko’olani, and Foster Ampong

Tane Inciong, Terri Keko’olani, and Foster Ampong

Pono Kealoha captured three of the most amazing people: Tane Inciong, Terri Keko’olani, and Foster Ampong

Tane Inciong, Terri Keko'olani, and Foster Ampong. Photo courtesy of Pono Kealoha.

Tane Inciong, Terri Keko'olani, and Foster Ampong. Photo courtesy of Pono Kealoha.

E kala mai but I try not to post pictures of Hawaiians that are taken head-on due to the mana thing but these three are amazing people.

They epitomize how having an opinion and fighting for one’s rights never go out of style.

Oct 05 2009

Foster Ampong

In my opinion Foster Ampong is one of the best things about Hawai’i. He epitomizes the Kākou Concept as in “all of us.”

Recently he started to maintain a blog which I am very pleased to see considering that the local media seems to try to portray Hawaiians as though we are monsters.

Check out his blog at

It is well-organized… like his thoughts.

Check out how articulate and well-spoken he is in a YouTube video that was posted in July 2008:

* Video posted courtesy of Ehu Cardwell and

E malama pono, Lana