Nov 14 2009

Another Living Hawaiian Treasure: Henry Noa

Another Living Hawaiian Treasure

I wrote about Honolulu Magazine’s “Contenders to the Throne” which of course the editors purposefully chose in order to try to incite Hawaiians to try to pit Hawaiian against Hawaiian. It’s the typical “divide and conquer” mentality but we Hawaiians are more alike than we are different. After all… all of us have the iwi which is one of our common denominators. We come in all shapes and sizes too. We are different… yet similar in many ways.

Of course we are all related in some way through Wakea and Papa. Here is a pic of Henry Noa:

Henry Noa

Henry Noa. Photo courtesy of Pono Kealoha.

Someone named Pomai stated it well:

“We don’t all have to agree on everything (like the US Congress) but we do need to all come together for strength.”

Note that I post pictures of as many Hawaiians as I can because when Hawaiians are visible… so is the Hawaiian Kingdom and so are our kupuna. By the way I am one of a twin and my twin sister (who is four minutes older than me) and I do not agree 100% of the time on 100% of the issues.

Hopefully Hawaiians will continue to talk to each in order to work together as *ONE* for the betterment of ALL… for the sake of *OUR* MO’OPUNA 🙂