Nov 16 2012

PLDC Hawai’i and Hawaiians

PLDC Hawai’i and Hawaiians

The PLDC is a project of the “Progressives” who are “moving forward” with redistributing ALI’I LANDS to themselves.

Thank you to Dean Kalani Capelouto for mentioning HAWAIIANS! 🙂


This is a 14th Amendment issue as well. Hawaiians are entitled to due process. Period.

Apr 03 2012

Governor Neil Abercrombie Disses Hawaiians Again

Governor Neil Abercrombie Disses Hawaiians Again

This is not the first time Neil Abercrombie has done something disrespectful to Hawaiians. On Day One, Abercrombie took his oath at the  David Kalākaua Coronation Pavilion which was built for Kalākaua’s coronation.

When Abercrombie took his oath there it was very disrespectful to Hawaiians when he purported to be ali’i too:



Lately in March 29, 2012 infront of some members at the Kona-Kohala Chamber of Commerce, Neil Abercrombie complained of a delay in work on the Queen Ka’ahumanu Highway.


Abercrombie called Hawaiians “self-designating” and accused us of using native cultural practices we “discovered six minutes ago” to achieve standing.

Abercrombie wants them thrown out of court.

This article by Erin Miller in the West Hawai’i Today can be seen here:

Dec 14 2011

Save Our Kupuna From Kawaiaha’o Church

Save Our Kupuna From Kawaiaha’o Church

Kawaiaha'o Church

Picture of Hawaiian women Kawaiaha'o Church had arrested on March 13, 2011

Kawaiaha`o Church in Honolulu has been digging up `iwi kupuna – the bones of Hawaiians buried in the Kawaiaha`o Church so they can build a new social hall.

They have recently uncovered 23 separate gravesites and have unearthed 69 sets of iwi kupuna – native Hawaiian bones.

What the church plans –

They intend to remove any and all iwi kupuna from the former site of Likeke Hall and its surrounding areas in order to build a multi-purpose building.

The construction of this site will perpetuate a tragic legacy of the removal of over 100 iwi kupuna in 1940 when Likeke Hall was first built. Those iwi kupuna were taken to the Kamo’ili’ili cemetery, removed again when that cemetery was sold, and removed once again, cremated with other iwi kupuna, and re-interred on Kawaiaha’o‘s grounds. Removal of bones from their final resting place is the ultimate disrespect in our Hawaiian culture.

Kawaiahao Church

Kawaiahao Church. Photo courtesy of Pono Kealoha.

What you can do –

Call Kawaiaha’o church to voice your concerns – (808) 522-1333 or (808) 469-3060.

Call the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) – (808) 594-1835, and ask the trustees to take a stand to stop the digging. OHA has helped to fund this project with a $1.5 million grant of beneficiary money.

Call the Department of Land and Natural Resources – (808) 692-8015. and find out why the State Historic Preservation Department is not doing their job to protect the iwi kupuna under the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act.

Call the Department of Health – (808) 586-4400, and find out why they are issuing permits for the disinterment of iwi at Kawaiaha’o.

Our kupuna need your help!

Picture of Kawaiahao Church

Picture of Kawaiahao Church

Show up at Kawaiaha’o Church and see what is going on for yourself. If you have ‘ohana buried at Kawaiaha’o you should be concerned.

Those ‘ohana names that we know of include: Luther Aholo, Kalola, Spalding, Johnson, Kuamoo, Atwater, Turner, Laanui, Cooke, Ahia, Mrs. Hapai, Kaae, Parker, Kinimaka, Luka, Kulanui, Weir, Koko, Kavanaugh, Kamaiopili, Kehaulani, Kanewanui, Mossman and others.

For more information –


Feb 24 2010

Video of Akaka Bill Panel Debate on Maui – February 16, 2010

Video of Akaka Bill Panel Debate on Maui – February 16, 2010

Kaleikoa Kaeo responds to Jade Danner of the Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement’s (CNHA) who disrespects Queen Liliuokalani’s legacy in a perverted and distasteful manner in an attempt to justify CNHA/OHA/SCHHA’s advocacy of the Akaka Bill:

Footage from about 2:30 to 4:10 about the Akaka Bill is potent.

* Video courtesy of Foster Ampong

Jan 21 2010

This is How Law Enforcement Treats Hawaiians in Hawai’i

This is How Law Enforcement Treats Hawaiians in Hawai’i

This picture was taken recently at the Ho’okahi Lahui Hawai’i at ‘Iolani Palace in Honolulu, Hawai’i in January 2010. Some law enforcement officials intimidate and harass Hawaiians.

Look at Officer K. Lesperance’s angry face:

How Law Enforcement Officials Treat Hawaiians in Hawai'i Photo courtesy of Pono Kealoha

By the way one of my best friends is a law enforcement official so I know that some law enforcement officials are cool. However this is uncool.