Feb 14 2010

On Jonathan Osorio PhD

On Jonathan Osorio PhD

I have even more respect for Dr. Jonathan Osorio. PBS’ panel was far from fair and balanced. Three out of the four panelists were for the Akaka Bill? Talk about unfair and UNbalanced.

I must state that Dr. Osorio is amazing! He is the only one out of the four that I agree with:

Jonathan Osorio PhD on the Akaka Bill

Jonathan Osorio PhD on the Akaka Bill

Though some underestimate and/or insult their intelligence, watchers/overseers of the land (maka ainana) already know this:

Unfortunately the Native Hawaiian Bar Association supports the Akaka Bill:


Fortunately Dr. Osorio does not.

Watch Dr. Jonathan Osorio speak on “Insights” on PBS Hawaii that was shown on February 4, 2010 here:


Props to Jonathan Osorio PhD and to people like him for advocating that we do the right thing for Hawaiians.

E malama pono everyone.

Jul 26 2009

Jonathan Osorio PhD

When I was a little girl I listened to Jon Osorio and Randy Borden singing “Hawaiian Eyes” (1977):

As of about 1996 he has had a PhD and has taught at the University of Hawai’i Kamakakuokalani Center for Hawaiian Studies

More “impressive” to me is that he is the President of Kāko`o `ÅŒiwi:


I find it ironic that he sang “Hawaiian Eyes” only to be some Hawaiian eyes that is watching the watchers.

Kudos to Dr. Osorio (PhD.) We need more people like him to watch the watchers.