Apr 29 2015

Official Public Denouncement of Kealoha Kahunaaina Iona by the Mauna Kea Hui

Official Public Denouncement of Kealoha Kahunaaina Iona by the Mauna Kea Hui

While I support the Thirty Meter Aniani Ho’onui ‘Ike Mirror/to Multiply/Knowledge, I am pleased to see the true Mauna Kea Hui publicly denouncing Kealoha Kahunaaina Iona whose real name is Brannon Kamahana Kealoha Kamehameha Schools Class of 1995 for his misogyny and violent threats directed to some women.

He has undermined all of their hard work, infringed on their intellectual property, and tried to steal their thunder. I am glad to see this public denouncement. Emphasis is mine:


We wish to respond to the activities of the person calling themselves “Kealoha Iona.” He is not the spokesperson for the Mauna Kea Hui (MKHui) or the Mauna Kea ʻOhana (MKʻOhana). We learned of him (then using the name Kamahana Iona) only recently near the October 7th Mauna Kea events. We had never met him before. He has been misrepresenting our positions by claiming to be the spokesperson of the MKHui in Press Releases and has even gone so far as to pretend to be Ms. Kealoha Pisciotta including changing his name to “Kealoha” which we understand is a family name but not his legal name. He previously threatened many of the MKHui and ‘Ohana members verbally and has threatened some of us with physical injury and harm.

Finding compassion and healing: We would also like to share that Kamahana has also apologized to some of us for some for his more extreme behavior and has expressed his difficulty with the Kapu Aloha. He came up to the Mauna to ask us for forgiveness. We have continued to extend our Aloha and compassion to help where we can. However, despite our willingness to help we DO NOT support any of his negative and hostile activities that obviously run contrary to the Kapu Aloha and other key principles of the Aloha ‘Āina movement. All people must be responsible for their behavior in relation to the Kapu Aloha or out of it as well. We are saddened by this whole situation…but we must ask please help us to uphold our compassion, our peace and our Aloha especially in the face of the adversity and violence…please join us in focusing our prayers on Aloha and peace for Hawaiʻi and the World.

In Aloha We Remain,
Kealoha Pisciotta
Primary Spokesperson for the MKHui and the MKʻOhana
April 24, 2015