Mar 25 2014

OHA has Dead People on Their Kana’iolowalu List

OHA has Dead People on Their Kana’iolowalu List

OHA recently rebranded and remarketed their attempts to reorganize our lands thus reorganize our property rights. Fortunately most Hawaiians rebuke them and continue to rebuke them which is a good sign. It shows how most Hawaiians still respect Queen Lili’uokalani’s wishes and refuse to sign the hewa pepa.

Well lately after the Office of Hawaiian Affairs explicitly told people the list of names would not be made public, they made a 180-degree pivot and exposed the names that were allegedly placed with Kana’iolowalu.

Except they have a dead person listed on it.

Kanaiolowalu has dead people

Kanaiolowalu has dead people

Seen at

Instead of checking obituaries they were so quick to do what special interests want them to do.

One quick look online would have sufficed:

Kanaiolowalu has dead people

Kanaiolowalu has dead people

Rose YL Tam-Hoy died on October 13, 2011.


Chances are there are other dead people on THEIR list too.

They are in such a rush to steal on behalf of special interests groups… they forgot to do the basics.

If YOUR name is listed on their list and you want your name to be removed you can do so online here:


OR if you prefer send a certified letter to remove your name to:

Native Hawaiian Roll Commission

711 Kapiʻolani Blvd. Suite 1150

Honolulu, HI 96813


Please get the word out. Tell your family and friends.

Mahalo to MOST Hawaiians for rebuking OHA and not running with the herd 🙂


Kanaiolowalu is a Scam

Kanaiolowalu is a Scam

Mar 05 2010

Office of Hawaiian Affairs/OHA Fails to Protect the Iwi/Bones in Makua

Office of Hawaiian Affairs Fails to Protect the Iwi/Bones in Makua – Reposted


Protest of Office of Hawaiian Affairs/Army Plan to Desecrate Kupuna Remains

Honolulu, Hawaii – There will be a protest on the sidewalk fronting the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA), 711 Kapiolani Blvd. in Honolulu this Friday, March 5, 2010 from 6:30AM to 10:30AM.

The Army has announced that they plan to excavate “recently discovered” sacred burial complexes located in Makua Wahipana, for reasons of “safety” and to provide visitors access to the site. Apparently OHA and Hui Malama have agreed to allow the Army to do this, but the lineal descendants have not.

The protest is being led by Alika Poe Silva, leader of the lineal descendants of those buried at Makua Wahipana. Silva says of the action, “The Army wants to exterminate and obfuscate our concerns and the integrity of the Kane temples in Makua Wahipana…” The purpose of Friday’s protest is to challenge the Army’s impending action as well as protest OHA‘s failures to intercede and protect the integrity of the family’s religious and burial complex sites.

“Mr. Namu‘o (executive director of OHA) has continued to ignore our request for ‘consultation with the army,’ and allow proper protocols to be breeched by allowing the Army to excavate without consulting with the lineal descendants. This is a serious violation of our traditions, domestic and international law.” The ‘ohana is also requesting a legal analysis and opinion from the Supreme Court of the Hawaiian Islands.

Poe Silva continues, “I see Namuo/OHA consistently condescending to such acts of violence and desecration by being silent and docile, routinely accepting failure, and using the cover of Hui Malama to carry out the hidden ethon-cide from plain view.”

Alika Poe Silva is hopeful that this protest will cause a Ho’omalu – a time-out — from the Army excavations, so that the family can have their say in the matter, and that the sacred sites and their kupuna’s bones be allowed to rest in peace and privacy.


Written by: Alika Poe Silva,
Kahu Kulaiwi, Koa Mana,
Hawaiian National, Private Citizen.
Edited by: Ohana
Distibuted by: Robert Joseph Oliveira, Jr.,
Hawaiian National, Private Citizen
PO Box 860181
Wahiawa, O`ahu, Ko Hawaii Pae Aina